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I got an Instagram DM in January. Later that month we met up at Gin Fizz in Harlem and then we got to work!

  • Venue in February.

  • Engagement shoot in March.

  • Gown and caterer in April.

  • Tuxedo in May.

  • Hair and Makeup in June.

  • Photography team in July.

  • Invitations in September

  • Finalized décor in October.

  • Hitched in November.

What a year.

Thank you Boramy & Ricardo Gray.

Thank your for your patience, for your trust, for your karaoke, for your creativity and balance. Who would've guessed that Chubbs and Cee would have passed out before Rick, though? 🤔 Incredibly happy for you both! Cheers to the next chapter of an already dope story.

Shout Outs:

Barbara's Flowers Masterful. Thank you for the many conversations on this design, the meetings and walkthroughs for talking me out of some things and into some others... what you do is nothing short of magic.

Chef Eddie G's Kitchen the incredible mastery in the absence of a full kitchen. He did everything but turn tap water into Tito's.

Velvet Faces Makeup Artistry for being so professional and prompt and taking an already beautiful face and somehow enhancing it.

Alex Miguel and his team of photojournalists. Your work and dedication is 👌🏾👌🏾 Welcome to the team, Sir!

DJ Goldfinger - never have I had a vendor turn down a meal- especially a banging one. When the DJ doesn't stop for water...when the other DJs in the crowd are shaking their heads in disbelief... he was zoned out. The ladies went through the flip flops quick fast.

Pleasure working with you, Sir!

Mr. Goodnight keeping folks animated with the photobooth and props!To my father, my brother CJ and Jasmyn thank you for picking me up and holding me down! Could not have done this with either of your presence and energy.And thank you The Dumbo Spot and The Dumbo Loft for giving us the framework for such a beautiful day.

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