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#SNTC Picnic

After spending the better part of six years looking for the right opportunity to collaborate, Calcie Cooper of South 'N the City and I finally joined forces with the inaugural #SNTCPicnic. Calcie's concept was simple: take a long-standing, successful after work series to Governor's Island for a festival full of great food, people and music.

The South 'N the City partners DJ Commish and host Landon Dais incited the energy throughout the day. And the people came out in droves despite the threat of rain. The event was schedule to end at 5pm and the relieving summer showers held up until 4:50pm to cool us off. Quite literally a perfect storm.

The staff at Angel of Harlem catered the Picnic and their menu was equally delicious and bountiful Steak & Mushroom in Sundried Tomato Wrap, Shrimp Salad in Whole Wheat Wrap, Pulled Pork on Brioche Roll, Grilled Chicken, Roasted Red Peppers, Zucchini, Baby Arugula & Mozzarella in Basil Pesto Wrap and Marinated Grilled Vegetables with Baby Spinach in Whole Wheat Wrap. Delish!

Beverages provided by Harlem Blue and Bartenura were the perfect compliments.

Other vendors included:

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