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Just Purple. No Rain.

The weekend that was... Pt. 2

Sunday, October 16, 2016.

It was unseasonably warm. The forecasted rain went from 60% to 50% to 10% to "Sike, I'm just playing." It was awesome.

I met my two new friends on a trip I planned in Costa Rica before they were engaged and was blessed to be their planner. Sasha only wanted "the best wedding ever" and Charles just wanted his future wife to be happy.


They allowed me to bring in my Dream Team vendor Squad and by the end of the night: mission accomplished! I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant and easy going couple, despite the long list of things happening in their personal and professional lives.

The day began under the artistic brushes of Dr. G & her assistant. She gave the ladies themselves in their most beautiful light. Working swiftly and engaging, painting masterpieces cheek to cheek.

The Wilshire Caterers gave us three unique spaces that took the guests on a visual escapade. The ceremony was in a plush garden with a white wooden 4-tiered archway. Tara-Simone, owner at Barbara's Flowers bought in unique floral spheres which adorned the seats and silk rose petals to serve as the runner. Then on to the Cocktail Hour in a ballroom of its own with an outdoor terrace, complete with fire pit and iron patio furniture. It was awesome.

Finally, The Loft. Tara-Simone had a vision for an Ombré effect with the #flower arrangements and it was more than accomplished. Cooler tones on the low #centerpieces and warmer ones on the high. Purple orchids (thank you Thailand) boldly greeting the guests as they entered. The space was a white, blank canvas and my goal was to give guests an elegant interaction with the couple's' color pallet wherever their eyes landed. Thanks to the awesome staff at the Loft @ 350 and Barbara's Flowers we accomplished just that.

It isn't enough for your eyes to be attended to. With George 2.0 hosting and DJ Whutever on the wheels, the feet and ears got to dance as well. DJ Whutever moved in and out of genres effortlessly. Those who wanted the old school club got some Patti LaBelle hits and culminated in a Perculator. 90s Hip Hop, line dances, Trap...seamlessly.

There's a role that parallels mine as planner in that it touches all the vendors, guests and wedding party. When done correctly, it makes my job easier. When done by Mr. 2.0 the room and all of its occupants experience this version of wedding euphoria. You have to see it. He has the challenge of being audible long enough to inform and inspire but discrete enough to not disrupt. His voice is engaging. His energy is contagious. He's perfect. Like the rest of the Squad, his preparation and talent is visible and second to none.

Then my Ninja and his weapons- still camera and motion video. Ade goes where he is needed, where he is wanted and some undesirable places to provide those memorable shots that are so necessary. He has the tasks of getting all the shots people need but not necessarily want to take. His eye and persistence always lend to incredible images. A super talent.

Thank you Sasha & Charles for accepting my nominations and for trusting my vision for your day. Looking forward to building with the both of you! Congratulations & God bless!

Photos and makeup by

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