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What ever the occasion, you can expect professionalism, full execution, and high-quality service, allowing you to breathe easy knowing your event is being handled with care 


Event Publications:

"I would highly recommend Reginald Warren as your event planner. A consummate professional with attention to detail, who brings his signature style to your event. Quick and decisive, providing solutions to unexpected issues and situations. We were very pleased with the results of our CD release event."


~T. Birkett




"I have worked with Reggie for five years. Planning Fashion shows were a breeze with Reggie because he always made sure your vision came to past the day of the event. A lot of event planners make the show about them. With Reggie, it's the other way around. It's all about what you want to accomplish, and his intelligence and creativity serves as a great guide. I can honestly say it's a delight to work with Reggie each time because I know each show will be an amazing production. He's extremely professional in all aspects of the production from start to finish. No detail of your production or event goes unnoticed. When looking for an event planner you always want someone that will make you feel at peace at all times and Reggie does just that through the whole process and most especially the day of."


~ T. Babajide

   Fashion Designer



"I'm what some people call Type A. Relinquishing control is not something I do easily or often. When my friends finally convinced me to go on a trip Reggie planned, I hesitantly put my vacation in his hands.


From the time of my arrival to that of my departure, every detail of my trip was attended to. Everything was well orchestrated; our agenda was full but not too full, leaving plenty of time for relaxation. Without having to think about finding restaurants, bars, or shopping options, I was free to sit back, relax and for the first time, fully enjoy a vacation."


~ A. Bennett, PhD



"Thank you for your wonderful service last night at our 9th Annual Gala and Awards Ceremony. Your "can do" attiitude was appreciated by all."


~T. Meade

  Non-Profit Director

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